Camping – What the Ventures Taught Me

1. Bring instruments like guitars or harmonicas to the camp if you can play them. Not only do they brighten up campfires and downtime, but people always like it if you know a few catchy tunes.
2. If you’re under fifteen years of age, go back to your tents when the leaders tell you. We Venture Scouts (Scouts between the ages of fifteen and eighteen) have to wait until you’re asleep before we can sing songs that are more, ahem, adult in nature.
3. Some Ventures, especially the newest members, may consider themselves too “cool” to sing along or dance at the campfires. To quote one of my fellow Ventures: “You’re in Scouts. You’re not cool.” Just dance and enjoy yourself! šŸ™‚
4. One for the newbies. You’ll be camping in a field, so you’re inevitably going to find the odd insect in the tent. Please don’t scream every time you see one. Squealing at frogs, on the other hand, is excusable.
5. Don’t worry too much about getting cold at night. Chances are you’ll have a tent-mate who will spoon you in your sleep.
6. If you try to get out of putting up tents or making dinner, you’re on clean-up and snack duty. Don’t be lazy!
7. Showers on campsites can’t always be trusted. There are campsites where the showers don’t receive hot water until four in the afternoon, much to the amusement of all who heard the squeals.
8. Tents are not the place for private conversations.
I’m ashamed to say that I found out that tent walls aren’t soundproof the hard way. I can’t blame anyone but myself for this, really. I forgot that we say goodnight to each other every night through the tent walls.
9. Give everything a go on camp, whether it’s ice skating or caving. You never know what you might end up enjoying!


2 thoughts on “Camping – What the Ventures Taught Me

    • In Ireland, a Venture Scout is basically any Scout between the ages of 15 and 19, so we’re given that bit more independence on camps. No campfire is complete without a guitar, if you ask me.
      Glad you like my post!

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